Just for fun – C#, ,net, Visual Studio Code

So, what does it look like to start a C# project in Visual Studio Code? Never used anything .net before, but I have Visual Studio Code, so no need to download this tool.
What I do need is the .net Framework SDK and the C# extension for Visual Studio Code.

Once this is installed, the actual Hello World program is quite anticlimactic. Choose a main folder where you will be creating all your apps (or just this one), and then create the app:

This will create a filder myApp inside your current folder and put all basics into this folder. And that’s it, that is the Hello World app, as the default code for the app is to write „Hello World“ – thus the run command starts the app.

Something which is totally not necessary here, but for sure will be necessary soon, is including external libraries. You can download and automatically add them to the project with one command, for example

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